My name is Ryan Moore, this is my blog.  I have been developing supermoto and minimoto stunt bikes for 9 years.  I have stunted everything from 50cc honda crf 50 to no cc electric BRD Supermoto and everything in between.  My goal is to develop as many dirt bikes and convert them into supermoto stunt bikes as I can.  My web store is http://www.50stunt.com.  I manufacture and carry all the parts needed to make these conversions possible.  My passion for motocross and dirtbikes is what lead me to the riding style I call Supermoto Streetstyle.  When the local motocross track got closed down by the city during a demo day put on by the local dealership, I had no were to ride without traveling 3 hours.  My reponce was to make the city my motocross track!  I put supermoto tires on my little CRF 50 and started riding all the urban areas I could, from school yards, to skateparks.  after 2 years of smashin the 50, I stepped back up to a full size motocross bike 2004 CRF450.  the rest can be followed on youtube keywords “The Supermoto Stunt Man”!  LOL.


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