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I get endless emails about sprocket size questions, so I decided to try to explain the sprocket size choices and a few combinations to help riders understand what the different front and rear sprocket sizes do. If you have input, drop it in the comments below. Gearing for the honda crf 50 and xr 50 comes down to what engine size, riding type, and personal preference. I will cover a few cases in this article.

50 stunt crf 50 countershaft sprocket

50 stunt crf 50 countershaft sprocket

First let me explain what the different sizes of the front sprocket, known as the countershaft sprocket do. The stock size is 14T and going up or down from this stock size will change the way your bike accelerates, but does not increase your horsepower. If you go to a 13T in the front, you will loose top speed, but it will make the front wheel come up a little easier with the stock 50cc engine. If you go up to 15T, 16T it will increase y

our top speed, but will make the front wheel harder to crack up with the stock 50cc engine.

The second option to change gear ratios is the rear sprocket. The honda CRF 50 comes with a 37T. makes sprocket sizes of 30, 34, 37, 40, and a massive 45T. the same principles apply to the rear sprocket, but the opposite results. Incresing the tooth count on the rear sprocket will lower the top speed, and help the front wheel pop up with the stock engine. This is the opposite of the front sprocket.

to summarize, here is what you need to remember

Countershaft Sprocket : Increase tooth count = more top speed

50 stunt crf 50 rear sprocket

50 stunt crf 50 rear sprocket

Decrese tooth count = less top speed

Rear Sprocket: Increase tooth count = less top speed
Decrease tooth count= more top speed

Changing 1 tooth on front = the same effect as 3 teeth I’n thr rear

Now that you understand the basics, I can explain my sprocket choices for the crf 50 and xr50. it really comes down to what engine you have, and your riding style.

Stock Engine, 50cc:

A lot of riders like to reduce the top speed giving the engine a feel of having more power by changing the torque applied to the rear wheel. The stock gearing works well for the stock engine in my opinion, but going to a 13T up front, or a 40T in the rear will help get the front wheel up in second gear, making it more usable for straignt line combos. If you yank hard enough you can even get it up in third easier.

Big Bore engine 88cc+

If you upgraded your engine, like I do on every build, you might notice that first gear is almost useless. the increased power and torque just rips right through first. This is the reason I change gearing after insatlling 88cc kits, or 108 kits. I like to increase the top speed by adding teeth to the front, and reducing teeth in the rear. My favorite setup is the stock front, 14T and a 34T rear, sometime I will go up to 15T front if I am railing the track or parking lot minimoto style. But for stunting, the increased top speed makes first gear sweet for circle combos because the bike goes faster in first, and every other gear. for the 108cc I have run 15/30 and cracked over 50 mph, and still had the low end to bust circle combos no problem. If you go to far on the gearing without enough hp, your bike will feel a little sluggish out of the hole, but rip on top, flyin past all your homies.

I hope this artile helps you choose the right gearin for your style, either way. Keep one wheel up!!

Ryan Moore

Ryan Moore on 50stunt CRF 50

Ryan Moore on 50stunt CRF 50

Husky dual caliper handbrake kit

Posted: March 18, 2012 in NEWS


I just finished up a prototype dual caliper handbrake kit for Ryan Stephens. He says it is working great. Now time to machine a batch for all the husky stunters!

50STUNT.COM Interview with Josef Götherskjöld

Josef won both rounds of the Supermoto Streetstyle Video Comp, 2011 in the Supermoto class.  He straight kills it out in Sweeden on his KTM.  The powerdrifiting combos, straight line combos, and urban assualt earned him the cash prize of $500 each round.  I got to chat with him to learn more about what makes him tick, and motivates him to rip a motocross bike on the streets!  I cant wait to see what he comes up with for the 2012 season, its gonna be sick, thats for sure!  check out the video section to see the winning clips.  Defenetly a must see rider!

 Where do you live?

Swedens second largets city: Gothenburg

How long have you been riding?

Startet to ride on my supemoto moped 2006 when i was 16 years old.

Why do you ride supermoto street style?

I startet on the 50cc supermoto, Best years in my life. Then I started to stunt sportbike for two seasons and lost the inspiration. Now I am back on the supermoto and it´s simply the most versatile over all fun experience you can get on a bike. Cheep to maintain and and easy to handle. But most of all fun whether you riding the city streets or if your in the parking lot doing slow speed stuff.

What are your favorite riding spots?

Gothenburgs harbor area.

What are your favorite tricks?

Pulling long straight line combos on the way to the riding spot!

What riders influence your style?

The supermoto stunt man Ryan Moore is ofc a big inspiration source, But I got most of the style from younger stuntriders from France riding 50cc supermotos like stunt4ever and Vdv Team back in the days.

What motivates you to ride?

The feeling than your on top of the world when you learn new stuff!

What new tricks are you working on now?

Combo powerdrifting and using urban obstacles as part of the tricks is on top of the list now that I am back on the supermoto!

How often do you practice?

Unfortunately the riding season is very short in Sweden. At best I am out 4 times a week riding when the weather allows it. But usually between 1 or 2 time a week during the summer.

What sponsors help make it possible for you to ride?

Maxxis makes sure that my bikes got good and fresh tires. And Pimpstar keeps my from riding nude!

Is there anyone in your life that helps support your riding and keep you motivated to continue?

During my time as a stuntrider I have got lots of support from people all around me. Could never have done it without them, stuntriders like Nickls Ek and my old Sponsor Srh Clothing have helped me a lot. But most of all my friends and fellow team members in GBGX3M.

Can you give any advise to riders that are learning?

Like a wise guy said in a galaxy far away. Feel don’t think. Keep practicing, theory won´t get you anywhere.

What do you do when you are not riding?

I earn my living on a gokarting track, Love to edit film, And just chilling with my crew.

 Where can people see more of your riding?

If you are in the neighborhood stop by Arendal Beach on a sunny summer night and you will find me riding on the parkinglot for sure. Otherwise check my youtube channel Beckman90 or

This is one of my facvorite videos that I have edited.  It pretty much sums up my style called Supermoto Streetstyle

Marat Kankadze Ready for 2012 Season!

Posted: March 18, 2012 in NEWS

50 stunt rider Marat Kankadze has a new ride for 2012 and a new spot to train during the brutal winters in Moscow.  Husqvarna is Marat’s chosen machine for 2012.  It has been fully customized for Supermoto Streetstyle and ready for any riding conditions.  The Husky was not an easy build, dealing with the fuel tanks for a center pipe presented many challenges to the builders.  In addition to the custom center mount exhaust and foot hoop, the husky is equipped with all the stunt parts.  to protect from dropping the bike, front and rear 50stunt axle sliders were installed.  To bust the nasty circle combos, the 50stunt rear stunt pegs were also cleanly added to the tail section.  The dual caliper handbrake is a must for the foot drag coasters and a key component to a supermoto stunt bike.    This bike is a piece for art, that will get put to the ultimate test in 2012.

Marat is currently training and riding 6 days a week!  While most riders in Moscow and many other parts of the world are stuck inside watching snow and rain fall, Marat leased an indoor training center to beat the cold and ice of Moscow winters.  The facility is only available to his use in the middle of the night, so he starts his bike up when most are going to sleep!  12 am to 5 am are his hours of action in the indoor compound.  Along with the riding he as integrated an intense training regiment to keep his body in top physical condition.  No more burgers and frys either, Marat went from big mac to six pac over the winter!












He says his new fitness has allowed him to come up with new tricks, and his indoor riding sessions allow him to master each one.  I can’t wait to visit Marat this summer and rip Moscow apart again.  Keep up the good work Marat!!

Ryan Moore

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