Marat Kankadze Ready for 2012 Season!

Posted: March 18, 2012 in NEWS

50 stunt rider Marat Kankadze has a new ride for 2012 and a new spot to train during the brutal winters in Moscow.  Husqvarna is Marat’s chosen machine for 2012.  It has been fully customized for Supermoto Streetstyle and ready for any riding conditions.  The Husky was not an easy build, dealing with the fuel tanks for a center pipe presented many challenges to the builders.  In addition to the custom center mount exhaust and foot hoop, the husky is equipped with all the stunt parts.  to protect from dropping the bike, front and rear 50stunt axle sliders were installed.  To bust the nasty circle combos, the 50stunt rear stunt pegs were also cleanly added to the tail section.  The dual caliper handbrake is a must for the foot drag coasters and a key component to a supermoto stunt bike.    This bike is a piece for art, that will get put to the ultimate test in 2012.

Marat is currently training and riding 6 days a week!  While most riders in Moscow and many other parts of the world are stuck inside watching snow and rain fall, Marat leased an indoor training center to beat the cold and ice of Moscow winters.  The facility is only available to his use in the middle of the night, so he starts his bike up when most are going to sleep!  12 am to 5 am are his hours of action in the indoor compound.  Along with the riding he as integrated an intense training regiment to keep his body in top physical condition.  No more burgers and frys either, Marat went from big mac to six pac over the winter!












He says his new fitness has allowed him to come up with new tricks, and his indoor riding sessions allow him to master each one.  I can’t wait to visit Marat this summer and rip Moscow apart again.  Keep up the good work Marat!!

Ryan Moore

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